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As your elected City Councilmember for the last 4 years, I have worked hard for positive change and progress. However… there is still important work that remains to be done to get the City of Rio Vista more in line with the public and moving in a positive direction. 

During my years as your representative, I have listened to my constituents and together we have effected major changes to the city in a positive way.

As a city, we still have some important things to bring to the forefront that have been ignored or avoided to date. I will focus on ways to bring more businesses to Rio Vista and protect the businesses we already have.

Among other issues:

  • I will focus on city curb appeal and branding which I believe is vital for success in growing new businesses. This will also boost current businesses and make Rio Vista much more appealing for customers and visitors.
  • I will focus on a comprehensive community involved plan of action for the water/sewer issues going forward.
  • I will focus on the strained relationship between the City and the School District and creating a full responsible partnership.
  • I will focus on the relationship between the City and the RV Airport, creating a full respectful partnership, to help improve this potential goldmine.
  • I will focus on improving the relationship between all citizens and the City as a whole.

Today, after a lot of hard work, the City is in a great new place with Public Safety. Now, more than ever, it is important to stay focused and improve on this every year as we go forward. It is also vital to continue on this path of positive change and reject the Status Quo...

With your support, I will continue to challenge the process, introduce positive change, and work for ALL neighborhoods that make up our City, with tenacity and with no neighborhood left behind....

Thank You, 

Don Roos,


City of Rio Vista

Don Roos for Rio Vista City Council
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